The New Sherlock Season 3 Trailer Is Here And It’s Better Than You Even Imagined

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Sherlock still from season three starring Benedict Cumberbatch January 2014I am generally a fairly calm, stable person, but there is one particular television show that makes all that go out the window, and it's Sherlock. It's just such an insanely good show that I finally understand why people obsess over television instead of just being pleasantly surprised when it crops up again.

Because this hiatus has been deadly. DEADLY. You can't end a season the way they did season two with ‘The Reichenbach Fall' and expect me to wait monthsmonths I tell you — with absolutely no resolution except a jokey Benedict Cumberbatch interview when all he does is toy with my emotions and answer nothing. I was briefly soothed by the news that we're probably getting a fourth season, but that's still just a rumor created by Bennybatch and Martin Freeman because they want to will it into continuing on forever, one season at a time. I think they figure if they give enough interviews saying that it's happening, ultimately the production team will have no choice but to go along with it. Just a little more proof that they love the show as much as the rest of us.

BUT ANYWAY. My excitement for the third season is about to ratchet up to the next level because THE SEASON THREE TRAILER IS HERE. At long last, it has arrived, and it's stocked full of Watson mustaches, totally GIF-able moments, crime-solving lens flares, and the seeds of a thousand conspiracy theories. Most notably the line:

“The one person he thought didn't matter at all to me is the one person who mattered the most.”

WHO ARE WE TALKING ABOUT. It seems pretty clear that they want us to think it's John Watson, but my deskmate Meg and I are pretty sure it's Molly, who we both love and think is totally underrated as a character.

But whoever it is, and however it is that Sherlock survived the fall, all I know is that by the time January 19th at 10:00pm rolls around (assuming you live in America like me and not the UK, where they get to see it on January 1st), I'm gonna be in such a frenzy of anticipation that I can't even hold still.

And now if you'll excuse me, I'll be on the BBC One website, where an interactive trailerhas even more footage. Day. Made.