Shear Genius Recap: The Bare Facts

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[Bravo Photos: Kevin Lynch / © 2010 NBC Universal, Inc.]

On tonight’s premiere episode of Shear Genius, we got to meet the unusual mix of personalities that will compete this season. I already know that Brig is nuts. She skated around the apartment wearing only a gold swimsuit and skates. Some of the guys are a bit out there as well. I think it’s going to be a great season!

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[Bravo Photo: © 2010 NBC Universal, Inc.]

The first challenge was to transform a punk or Goth style woman into a more updated, mainstream style. I loved it that one of the Goth girls was Vyxsin Fiala, from Amazing Race fame! 🙂

The person who did the best job was Amy, since she started with a girl with a whole head of dreadlocks and made her look really good. That gave her first choice of models in the Elimination Challenge.

The big challenge was to style the models’ hair to cover their breasts because they would only be wearing a bathing suit bottom. Some did a great job, but others totally failed. The winner was Janine and she gets immunity in the next challenge. The three worst were Joey, Adee and Amy. The judges decided to send home Joey.

So what do you think of this new crop of stylists? Do you like the new host? Let us know what you think!