She By Sheree At New York Fashion Week

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I have to hand it to Sheree Whitfield, she really did make it work and somehow bought her dog & pony show, known as She By Sheree, to New York Fashion Week. And it looks like she got some professional advice because this time she didn’t use any models with “ashy knees” like she did at her Atlanta show (that poor girl has been slaughtered by you guys in the comments section) and managed to make some clothes that don’t look like they’re cast aways from Ross Dress 4 Less. Let’s have a look:

Once again, Sheree’s problem is that there is no cohesion here. What is the theme? Who is the She By Sheree customer? The same girl who wears a short, strapless bright yellow mini-dress is not the same girl who would go near any of the older, more convervative looks in her line. I actually like Sheree’s dress the best, and I wish she’d kept the collection in this vein: cool, stylish looking clothes for a 30 and over crowd and not the cheaper hoochie mama looks, like the snake skin bustier:

Or these wide-legged pants with a sleeveless top, which looks great and chic compared to the unflattering satin skirt and lace top. It just looks cheap and if there’s one thing we know about Sheree, it’s that she doesn’t like anything that’s cheap:

What did you think of the collection?