Sharon Stone – “I’ll Kiss Anybody For Mideast Peace!”

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Sharon Stone    I ll Kiss Anybody For Mideast Peace  alloy default image jpgFrom Yahoo News, we learn that the unflappable Miss Sharon Stone has decided to do her part to end violence in the Middle East and is offering to kiss anyone to put an end to the decades-long conflicts there. More from the story:

“I would kiss just about anybody for peace in the Middle East,” she said, drawing laughter from a throng of Israeli reporters. Stone playfully turned down calls to give Peres a peck on the cheek.

Noting it was International Women’s Day, Stone suggested that more women become involved in the male-dominated world of Mideast peace talks. Women consider thoughts and feelings more than men, she said.

“I think (men and women) need to be a team. We were meant to be a team,” she said.”

Super! Men and women on a TEAM, dude! That’s so…deep. Wait a minute, no it’s not, what I meant to say was WHAT IS SHARON STONE DOING IN THE MIDEAST? Last time I checked, Sharon “I’m an Actress” Stone was an actress (said that already, didn’t I?). Yes. And we all know how “qualified” and “serious” and “literate” that makes ya! Especially the movies that our lovely Sharon has acted in; here’s a brief list from IMDB:

See what I mean? Why is it that actors and actresses, who make a living out of fooling everyone, believe that this gives them the right to insert themselves into conflict areas, let alone be listened to?