Proof Shannon Elizabeth Peaked In High School: She Didn’t Make It On The American Reunion Poster

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Shannon Elizabeth American Reunion cameo Nadia peaked career overGoing over the poster for American Reunion, we noted one interesting omission: Shannon Elizabeth and her sexy foreign-exchange student character Nadia. She's also absent from any of the other nametag-heavy promotional posters, and she pops up in the trailer for only two seconds.

You could make the argument that the producers clearly wanted to recreate the original poster, which did not include Nadia. But if a character in an ensemble comedy achieves cult status or at the least makes people laugh enough, the powers that be will bend the rules to include him/her in upcoming films in a larger capacity. And clearly, Nadia does not fit that bill.

Nadia wasn't included in American Wedding along with most of the supporting characters; the creators explained that they simply hadn't written good enough plotlines for Nadia, Vicky, Stifler, etc. to include them in the movie. Shannon pops up only once in the American Reunion trailer, in a cameo so obvious you can already write the dialogue for it: “Nadia?” “Jim?” “You look great!” “Michelle and I never have sex, so of course I think you're the same gorgeous exchange student as ever!”

Most likely, Nadia will be a red herring, a wedge between Jim and Michelle that will ultimately prove to be not a threat. (I'm seeing the movie tonight so I can't tell you anything with certainty, but there's a shot in the trailer of Jim and Michelle making out with her infamous flute, so I think things will turn out OK for those two.)

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