Shenae Grimes Gets Engaged, Forces Me To Actually Learn Something About 90210

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Shenae Grimes, one of the stars of The CW's 90210 just got engaged to her boyfriend, Josh Beech, which can only mean one thing — it's time for me to actually learn a thing or two about the show, or this relationship, or at least about Shenae herself, so I can properly educate the masses. So here's what I've learned.

90210 is a show about zip code salesmen. They're in highschool, and to make a little extra money they go door-to-door selling zipcodes to the highest bidder. 90210 is the most popular one they sell, so that's the one that the plot mostly centers around. Shenae plays the plucky, up-and-coming saleslady with the heart of gold who moves from the midwest to try to make it in the cutthroat zip code business and struggles to stay true to herself. In real life, Shenae is a 23-year old from Canada, originally, who has always dreamed of being a magazine editor if she wasn't such a goddamn successful actress.

As for Josh, there isn't a ton of information about him online, but he appears to be a 24-year old British fashion model who's also very interested in music. He plays keyboard and guitar and does his best to juggle modeling, music, and his new fiancé. According to US Magazine, the two of them met earlier this year, in the spring of 2012, and are planning to get married next year. Oh good, because there's nothing better when you're 23 and 24 than a nice swift engagement after eight months of dating.

And if you need even more proof that this is a hastily-devised idea, then please read the following quote from an ‘insider' about the relationship, and do your best not to melt into a quivery puddle of jelly from the pure romanticism of it all:

“Josh couldn’t see himself being with anyone else so he asked her and she is over the moon about it. If they’re not around each other, they’re texting, calling and tweeting back and forth all the time.”

Oh my gosh. If they tweet all the time, then they're totes right to get engaged. I can't believe they weren't married already if they like to talk to each other on the phone. Hang on, brb, I have to go get engaged to my BFF Jill.

(Image: Josiah True / WENN.com)