Shakira’s Hips Don’t Lie, But Her Business Contracts Do

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Shakira better think about recording another catchy song with Beyoncé where they sing each other's names, because she might soon be out $100 million. That is, if her ex-boyfriend and former business partner has his way.

Antonio de la Rúa is suing Shakira for $100 million for breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty, claiming the singer didn't paid him money he was due for helping her career, including helping her cross over to worldwide fame (aka helping Americans appreciate her music and booty-shaking despite the fact that we have no idea what she's saying). And he's not just some clueless boyfriend who thinks he can handle his girlfriend's business. He successfully managed his father's campaign to be president of Argentina (Anyone else have the Evita soundtrack stuck in their head now?). De la Rúa says he and Shakira had a verbal contract, and he filed the suit on Nov. 20 with the Supreme Court of the State of New York. I've gotten most of my legal education from Lifetime movies, but that sounds pretty serious.

The pair dated from 2000 to 2010, but Shakira reportedly asked de la Rúa to stay on as her business partner after the split. She then ended their business agreement in 2011.

Maybe this is another case against mixing business with pleasure. Of course, when your business involves belly dancing and skimpy outfits, I guess it's a little difficult to decide where the line needs to be drawn.

Shakira has a hip-shaking bun in the oven with her current boyfriend, soccer player Gerard Piqué, so maybe she can pull a Chicago and make this whole legal problem go away. What's that? That was a musical, not real life? Okay, got it.

If nothing else, the next World Cup is in 2014. Maybe she can get an advance for a new song that isn't named after Fozzie Bear‘s catchphrase. As long as there are no vuvuzelas involved, it'll be great.

And of course there's always the option of setting that she-wolf in her closet free and pitching a zany sitcom about their lives as roommates. Shakira's type-A, and the she-wolf is always messing up the apartment. I'd watch it.

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