If Shakira Is Leaving The Voice, Does That Mean We Can Have X-Tina Back?

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Christina Aguilera attending The Voice screening March 2013

I know I should take a moment to mourn the fact that Shakira is officially leaving¬†The Voice after this season because her baby hates traveling, but all I can think is, “OMG, does this mean we could get my beloved Christina Aguilera back?”

Think what you will about her music, but you can't deny that television has suffered since she and Cee Lo have been gone from it. Who will wear fantastical hats? Who will bring their hairless cats? Who will eat green eggs and ham? Will you, won't you, Sam I Am? Nobody can judge a singing competition quite like X-Tina, but just for politeness' sake, let's briefly find out from Shakira why it is she's leaving:

“It was a hard decision for me to make, because I'm really fond of the coaches, the people in production and everybody around me. And I really enjoyed The Voice, but I also have a musical career and I'm also a mother now and my poor baby's so tired flying such long distances. He already has more miles than any pilot. So I think I have to give him a little break, and we'll see what happens in the future.”

Okay yeah, that's a really great point, but you know who's really good at riding planes? Christina Aguilera's outfits. She's so aerodynamic with no pants, so she doesn't weigh the plain down, and she always wears extra makeup in case any passengers need some at the end of the flight. You can just press your face up to hers and be TV-ready in no time! It's a win-win situation! Come home to us, Christina. Come home.

(Image: Brian To / WENN.com)