Shakira’s Hips Do Lie, And They Pulled Off A Baby Birth Hoax

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Shakira Baby Announcement Joke

It looks like those hips of Shakira's really do lie, because they made everyone believe they had given birth to a baby boy yesterday, when they really didn't. At least, I don't think they did.

Last night Shakira's baby daddy, soccer player Gerard Pique, tweeted that the pop singer had given birth to a baby boy, writing: “Our son has been born! We are very happy! Thank you to everyone for your messages!”

The world went into a frenzy speculating about whether the baby came out belly-dancing or whether they let the she-wolf out of the closet to witness the birth. What hard-to-pronounce name will the baby have? People were screaming “Waka waka!” in the streets and playing vuvuzelas for hours. That part might have just been me.

Alas, however, it looks like all that fuss was over nothing, because the whole announcement was a big practical joke. Earlier today Pique tweeted, “We have a name! His name is Innocent! Happy Innocents Day to all!”

Apparently today is the Day of the Innocents, which is pretty much Spain and Mexico's version of April Fool's Day. So unless Shakira's bundle of joy just happened to be born on a holiday all about hoaxes and pranking (which would probably lead to him becoming the Latin Ashton Kutcher), that little guy is still shaking his hips in her belly.

This just proves how important it is to keep a running list of all international pranking days. You never know when Uzbekistan's or Sweden's obscure prank day will slip by you while you buy bottles upon bottles of champagne to celebrate the birth of another celeb baby. Let this be a lesson to famous baby enthusiasts everywhere.

Between this and Shakira's recent legal troubles, I'm beginning to think her hips are actually quite good liars, and she's been fooling us all along, even when it wasn't Innocents Day.

(Photo: Juan Soliz, PacificCoastNews.com)