Shakedown In Energy Bar Land: Rachel Weisz’s Good Named Cleared!

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After we posted a rumor that Rachel Weisz had been demanding wildly indulgent $100 power bars on the set of Terrence Malick‘s latest film (rumored to be titled The Burial, FYI), we received an immediate email tip from a man named Freddy Feliciano:

“I work for a wholesale natural food distributor and they don't have protein bars that cost $100 dollars, not even close. We also deal with Craft Services and we give them deals with the food we give them, so nobody is demanding anything, we almost give the protein bars away in order to sell our other products.”

Freddy also claims he emailed this same tip to the writer of the original article (found at The Wrap, though we linked to Vulture's coverage), and the scribe refused to take Freddy's expertise under consideration. Treachery! Where's Michael Clayton when you need him?* (Probably on another set somewhere, eating $75 Red Vines.)

We did a quick search and the most expensive single power bar we found cost $5, so it looks like Freddy's argument holds weight. Now: Somebody clear up that thing about the $200 pens!

*We have not seen that movie and do not know if the reference makes sense.