Shailene Woodley Plays An Incredibly Literal Game Of Footsie With Conan In A Clip You Have To See

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shailene woodley conan o'brien toe hugging show

While you spent the majority of your life ignoring your toes and their general abilities, Shailene Woodley took an extreme interest in hers. In addition to being an herbalist and a songstress, Shailene's also a toeologist. That's not the title she gave herself, but she won't deny that it looks good on her resume. You see, Shailene likes seeing how far she can spread her toes apart. Why? Why not. Off the top of my head, I can't think of one reason for her not to spend her free time doing this. It might not be the most productive use of her time, but it's better than trying to launch a music career on the side or making crystal meth. Those, of course being, the only two alternates to toe stretching when you're part of Young Hollywood.

Naturally Conan O'Brien brought this toe thing up when she came on last night's show to promote her new movie, The Spectacular Now. While attempting to explain the magic of toeology to him, she suggested they do a simple demonstration. Her toes are now able to spread so far apart that they can actually grasp another friend's toes as if they were fingers — so she wants to see if she can grasps Conan's toes in the same way. Because once again, why not? When Shailene says “let's take our shoes off,” you take your shoes off.

Oh and please do take a minute before you watch this clip to picture Shailene and her unnamed friend running around with finger toes — doing as finger-toed people do. Just braiding each other's hair with their toes, peeling bananas to make banana bread with their toes, leaving ill-advised and aggressive comments on blogs that they don't like with their toes. On one hand, it makes me cringe. On the other hand, it seems like a wonderful idea for a reality TV dating competition show. “You must win the bachelorette's heart…by using your toes and only your toes. GO!”