Shailene Woodley Doesn’t Want To Be In Spider Man Even If They Asked Her To

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Shailene Woodley Doesn t Want To Be In Spider Man Even If They Asked Her To Shailene Woodley and Theo James promoting Divergent March 2014 jpgIn case anyone is wondering how Shailene Woodley is feeling about the Amazing Spider Man franchise, the answer is somewhere between ‘not good’ and ‘who are they, anyway, I don’t even care.’

She and her costar Theo James are out promoting their movie Divergent right now, and Shailene’s time on the set of The Amazing Spider Man 2 came up in a question. Because as you may recall, she was supposed to be in that movie. As kind of an important part, actually — Mary Jane Watson. Maybe you remember her from such star-turns as being Kirsten Dunst, having read hair, and kissing Spider Man upside-down? She’s like…pretty iconic.

But she’s also not in the movie at all, as all of Shailene’s footage was scrapped to make room for more Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield moments. A decision I’m not particularly mad at, to be honest, because EmmAndrew was far and away my favorite part of the trailer.

Shailene says she’s not mad either, but when they ask her if the schedule for future Divergent movies will allow her to return to Spider Man, she throws up right down the front of her shirt. Just completely spits up. No, not really, but her response is just as ready and just as negative.

“I have no idea. I don’t even know that I would want to do two franchises at this point, now having been through this.”

I was exaggerating before of course, but that is a pretty strong answer for an up-and-coming actress, no? The only good things she can think of to say about the process are about how great it was to work with Andrew Garfield, whom she describes as a wonderful human being, and how short the whole experience was.

But before we completely call Shailene’s motives into question, Theo reminds us that a studio with a franchise is gonna be ‘quite keen’ to keep it going, so it ends up being a very long-term project. Especially when you consider the press schedule in addition to the film.

So we’ll let you have this one without calling it sour grapes, Shailene.