Shailene Woodley Doesn’t Care About Fleeting Success, Because She Could Always Steal Hearts For A Living

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Shailene Woodley Photocall for Divergent April 3 2014 Madrid Spain

In case you thought that Shailene Woodley was worried about her recent success going away, stop it right there. Because, I have it on good authority that she couldn't give a care. Actually, if it's at all possible to be even less concerned than “not at all,” that's where we're going to place Shailene's level of concern. And on the opposite end of that spectrum is how much I could see myself being BFFs with her, if life and circumstances were different and fair. Also, if she could just get the hang of feminism once and for all.

And why is that, you're wondering? (I just know that you're wondering that; I can feel it in the air.) Well, it's because she's imagined a lustrous future full of perfecting her espresso-making skills, if this whole being-America's-Junior-Sweetheart thing doesn't quite pan out. Or, you know, one of the other million things that there are to do in the world besides be famous. Those are Shailene's words to Craig Ferguson, not mine.

Do you see that totally unfazed hand just demanding to be noticed? It almost replies on its own, “Say, Craig, I'd never thought about it before but I guess I do fancy myself an aspiring espresso-maker, with a flair for coffee art.” But, because hands can't talk, Shailene responds with her human words and imparts that same flower child wisdom upon us all.

And, it's like, way to celebrate the small stuff, girl. Your promising career and I hope that you don't have plans to peace out of Hollywood any time soon. But still, celebs and normals, alike, could all probably use a timeout from the hustle and bustle to consider smaller things, like how to get the damn espresso foam not to deflate like a sad balloon.

(Photo: DyD Fotografos/Future Image/WENN)