Shailene Woodley Shows Jimmy Fallon A Penis-Shaped Root, Magically Transforms Him Into A 12-Year-Old

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Shailene Woodley Jimmy Fallon March 2014

Last night Shailene Woodley visited The Tonight Show to have an adorable-off with Jimmy Fallon. Okay, so maybe that wasn't really why she went (it was actually to promote YA movie du jour Divergent), but that's what ended up happening regardless. That's what always ends up happening when you put them in a room together. Ever the 21st century hippie, Shailene brought a bag of natural remedies to her interview like a show and tell. One of those remedies had a rather pornographic shape to it, and Jimmy Fallon one-upped Shailene in the adorable department by responding to it like he was in a sixth grade health class.

In case you're still thinking Shailene is just another “it girl” trying to be Jennifer Lawrence, think again. As you can see from this interview, she's the kind of lady who insists on hugging to the left so she can be “heart-to-heart” with the other person. I'm still convinced she must be some sort of forest sprite trapped in the body of a human actress. She absolutely must have magical powers of some kind, otherwise all my dreams will be shattered. How else would she turn Jimmy Fallon into a nervous bundle of awkwardness upon glimpsing a horseradish root… that happens to look like a penis? She doesn't even have to twitch her nose or anything. And kudos to The Roots for breaking out the porno music without missing a beat.

Also look out for the telltale moment when Shailene agrees that garlic is very effective in warding off vampires. It's the perfect proof for when you make that PowerPoint presentation arguing that Shailene has an evil vendetta against Twilight. That new quote from her about a “toxic” relationship should already have its own slide. Shailene Woodley: Vampire Hunter.