Apparently Shailene Woodley’s Hugs Performed Magic On The Entire Cast Of Divergent

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Shailene Woodley (whom I refer to as “Shailene Woodnymph” in my mind) is quickly becoming the girl we all want to be best friends with.  While Jennifer Lawrence takes a hiatus from being in every single Tumblr GIF, we're all going to need someone to fill that void and I'm just gonna come right out and say it: Shailene Woodley is a great void-filler.

She's that ethereal earth-mom you never knew you always needed in your life.  Who cares if she's only 22, this girl has the power to transfix everyone she comes in contact with and leave them spellbound.  What, you think I'm exaggerating?  Then don't take my word for it (jerks), listen to the cast of Divergent, who, from the sound of it, experienced a life-altering moment when embraced by Shailene.

Tony Goldwyn (aka President of the United States of Lingering Stares), who plays the father of Shailene's character, Tris, on how one hug left him speechless:

“It was about 6 o'clock in the morning on my first day of work. We were driving over together and she leapt out and gave me a long hug. I was like ‘wow.'”

That's nothing.  Shailene and Ashley Judd, who plays Tris' mother, have their own special hug. Judd said she and Woodley give each other a two-sided squeeze so they “both get heart.”  Not convinced that one hug from Shailene could spread world peace?  Okay, then. Allow Ansel Elgort (also her co-star iin The Fault in our Stars, a movie I'm taking 13-year-old me to see this summer):

“My first Shailene hug was when I met her for the audition and I was taken by surprise. I thought maybe she knew me or something or I don't know and I didn't really hug her back really. I was like ‘oh hey' and gave her a couple pats and said ‘it was nice to meet you.' And to this day she tells me that she wasn't sure she's going to like me or not because I didn't hug her back. She thought I might not be a real grounded person.”

I'm not going to lie, I have a severe head cold right now and I kinda wish I could get a “Shailene hug” just to see if it has the power to clear my seriously inflamed nasal passages.  But seriously, I don't know what it is about young actresses who go against the grain and speak their mind about hating Twilight and aren't afraid to be “weird”… if it's all a calculated PR move, consider me a total sucker.

(GIF: Tumblr)