Shailene Woodley Tried To Clarify Her Feminism Comments, Just Confused Us Further

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Shailene Woodley in yellow dress attending The Fault In Our Stars premiere June 2014In case you guys were hoping that Shailene Woodley would be able to clarify what she meant when she said she wasn't a feminist, I have bad news for you — her explanation is just as confusing as her original statement.

Just to catch you up, the original statement I'm referring to came back at the beginning of May, when a Time interviewer asked Shailene if she considered herself a feminist.

“No because I love men, and I think the idea of ‘raise women to power, take the men away from the power’ is never going to work out because you need balance. With myself, I’m very in touch with my masculine side. And I’m 50 percent feminine and 50 percent masculine, same as I think a lot of us are. And I think that is important to note. And also I think that if men went down and women rose to power, that wouldn’t work either. We have to have a fine balance.”

At the time, it seemed to me that she just wasn't educated on the actual meaning of the word ‘feminism', because the things she was saying suggested that she thought it meant a complete role reversal, with women taking control and forcing men into a more passive societal role. In my mind, it's just a matter of letting Shailene know that the feminist movement seeks equality regardless of gender, and she'd hop on board. But that was before I heard her try to explain herself and the confusion on Entertainment Weekly radio.

“Listen, I think the that word feminist is beautiful just in the same way that I think the word Democrat or Republican or whatever you are is beautiful, but any sort kind of label in my mind segregates.”

But see, that's the funny thing about language — it sorts things into understandable chunks so that we can process the world around us in a less overwhelming way. I guess affixing labels to things might amount to segregation in your mind, but it's also an incredibly useful tool for learning and growing and discovering yourself.

When she was asked if she thinks the word ‘feminism' means you don't or can't love men, Shailene said ‘not at all', adding:

“That was a journalist who decided to take what I said and cut things together in order to get her point across, so no not at all. That’s not the way I said it in the original interview, which is why it makes me laugh really hard.”

So you…got a bad edit? That's your excuse?

“For me, the big thing in life is about sisterhood… Bringing sisters together and supporting one another… What I found so funny and so sad about that article is that I talked about that the entire time.”

Well yeah, but that also explains why the writer included the quote in their piece. Because you'd been saying all this stuff about sisterhood and support the whole time, but then you said you weren't interested in equality. That doesn't make sense, so you're gonna wanna write it down, right?

Eagerly awaiting the explanation for the explanation, and on into infinity.

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