Shailene Woodley Let Dave Letterman Bully Her About That Whole Clay-Eating Thing

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Shailene Woodley on Dave Letterman talking about eating clay May 2014You remember that Shailene Woodley eats clay, right? It's like, not a big deal or anything, but a cab driver in New York City gave her a beauty tip, so she took it. Like we all do! Cab drivers are known arbiters of wisdom, which is why any time I have to throw up, I do it out a window while shouting “NOT IN THE CAB NOT IN THE CAB.”

But anyway, Shailene's driver apparently told her that people from his home country, specifically women during a pregnancy, consume clay to help toxins escape from her body, so she was off and running and never looked back. Yum yum yum delicious clay.

But that was a while ago, so most of us have had time to adjust since then. It's gone from, “Shailene Woodley does what?” to “Oh yeah, Shailene, the girl who eats Colorado-sourced clay so that it can bond to her negative isotopes and flush heavy metals out of her body. What about her?”

But apparently some people are just finding out about this now, like Dave Letterman, who had Shailene on the show, presumably to promote The Fault In Our Starsbut really to spend the entire time answering questions about her weird health habits that we've all seen her answer a million times before, and even to bully her a little bit about how weird and strange her choices are.

Honestly, there's nothing that weird about Shailene's decision to try a nontraditional method of health. I'm sure there are tons of actors out there who do stuff that's way weirder, they just aren't open about it the way Shailene is. So it bums me out slightly that instead of either talking about what she came on to promote, or allowing Shailene to actually talk about the benefits or the science behind it or whatever, that Letterman chose to just half-assedly make fun of the whole thing. “What's the difference between clay and dirt?” C'mon dude, you know the answer to that.

I mean, it's a teaspoon of clay that she mixes into her own toothpaste and then swallows when she's done, it's not like she's eating mud out of a trough. And even if that really is the craziest thing you've ever heard, Shailene's already talked about it pretty extensively, so she's just sitting there smiling and nodding and being a good sport to be polite while you act like no one's ever thought to ask these intelligent, hard-hitting questions before.

I guess there's nothing that mean about how Letterman talked to her, he was just rude. Like in a not-taking-her-seriously way that I didn't love, especially from an interviewer. He seemed like he wished he was anywhere else interviewing anyone else, and that's just a crying shame. Especially with someone like Shailene, who you KNOW has way crazier stories where that one came from.