For No Particular Reason, Drew Barrymore Photographs Shailene Woodley Topless

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After seeing her performance in The Descendents, there's no doubt that Shailene Woodley has a big career ahead of her. I just don't know why she felt the need to kick it off with a topless photo shoot in Vs. Magazine. Is it because she's trying to shed her tweeney-bopper image as a teen mom on The Secret Life of The American Teenager or is it because Drew Barrymore wanted to photograph her for her muse-like qualities.

No seriously, that's what Drew Barrymore called her, a muse. The Huffington Post says:

But Woodley's inclusion in the mag — Julianne Moore, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Elizabeth Olsen, Helena Christensen and Erin Wasson also earned top billing for the multi-cover issue — wasn't caused by Clooney's cooing. Drew Barrymore was the guest director behind Woodley's fashion editorial and specifically chose the up-and-comer, whom she photographed for the cover, as her muse.

What is it about getting successful in Hollywood that makes actresses want to take their shirts off? While the photo wasn't sleazy by any means, it was still a topless photo. Does the fact that it was shot by Drew Barrymore and wasn't a full-frontal make it artistic? Or is it a shameless grab for publicity by Shailene as her big day at the Oscars approaches?

Even if we go with the angle that it's artistic, it still doesn't explain why she had to be topless in the photo. Can't you look mature, sophisticated and sexy in a shirt? Or from the magazine's perspective, is it impossible to make bold magazine covers with clothed models?

Many women go to work, go to school, and go out every single day while wearing shirts  and  still achieve a mature, sophisticated and sexy look; proving that you don't have to be topless to get that kind of recognition. So why do so many actresses shed their clothing so quickly?

It just distracts from their talent as well as their hard work to make it in the industry. It's not everyday you land a magazine cover. Why not take advantage of the situation and prove that you deserve to be there based on your talent and not your looks.