Shailene Woodley Went To See The Fault In Our Stars Disguised As A Normal

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Shailene Woodley putting her hair behind her ear GIF(via)

Celebrities, they're just like us! They have to wear a disguise to go to the movies, like Shailene Woodley did over the weekend at The Fault In Our Stars. I have to do the exact same thing to avoid people asking for my autograph.

Obviously Shailene was the star of TFIOS, so she got to do the fancy-pants dressing up on the red carpet thing for a bunch of premieres, but apparently she also wanted to have a normal person experience of seeing it in theaters on opening weekend. So she did one of my favorite things ever, and something I would do constantly if I were a celebrity — she slapped on a prosthetic nose and a wig and she went skulking out among the normals, pretending to be one.

Seriously, I know I've said this like ten thousand times before, but if I were famous, I would spend like 5% of my time promoting my projects and doing actual famous person things, 15% in a makeup chair getting a disguise put on me, and then 80% pranking people who don't know it's me, like pretending to be a wax figure of myself at Madame Tussaud's and then jumping out at people. (This is probably also a good indicator into why I'm not actually famous.)

Shailene Woodley in disguise with Ansel Elgort at The Fault In Our Stars

Luckily, though, Shailene Woodley is nothing like me, and doesn't appear to have pranked anyone. According to the caption on the photo of her disguise that her costar Ansel Elgort posted, she wasn't trying to be sneaky, she just didn't want to make a scene. (I hear that, girl. People always freak out when go to the movies out of costume as well.) Although how it's possible she wasn't recognized when all she changed was her hair and her nose is kind of beyond me. I'm biased because obviously I know it's her, but I feel like she still would've been recognized, right?

It'd be like, ‘Hey, who's that girl with Shailene's face and Shailene's skin and NOT Shailene's nose or hair sitting next to Ansel Elgort? Hmm. Guess it could be anybody.'