No One’s Ever Been More Bored Than Shailene Woodley At The Teen Choice Awards

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No One s Ever Been More Bored Than Shailene Woodley At The Teen Choice Awards Shailene Woodley bored GIF gifGuys, am I crazy, or is Shailene Woodley bored out of her mind at the Teen Choice Awards right now? Actually, I’m not even sure she’s there right now, because with the side-eye she’s giving the proceedings all night, I wouldn’t be surprised if she picked up her  surfboards and beat feet out of there.

The girl could not make it any more obvious that she has no idea what she’s doing there. The camera caught her a couple times with a facial expression that was about half an inch from an eye roll, it was hilarious. And I think after that, someone must have told her she looked bored out of her MIND, because the next time the camera cut back to her, she was doing a little audience dancing, ala Taylor Swift. Nice save, but WE SAW YOU GIRL.

I feel like there had to have been a conversation with her agents this morning where Shailene tried for the thousandth time to try to get out of going to the awards. Like pretended she had a bunch of clay to eat or an all-day brunch with George Clooney or something, only to have them be like, “Sorry girl, you have two teen-centric movies out this season. YOU’RE GOING.”

But that doesn’t mean she has to like it, as she’s demonstrated all evening. Even though she grudgingly did some seat-dancing, her acceptance speeches have basically just been reminders to the audience that there are more important things than this award show. Like cancer, Shark Week, and anything else besides standing here. She did it once, and then she took all of Nat Wolff‘s time to do it again!

The girl’s a good actor, but not good enough to convince me that the next time she goes onstage she won’t ask the teens, “Hey are any of your moms here? Can I ask them what books they’re reading? Or maybe talk to them about our role in the future of the planet? OR SPEAK TO AN ADULT PLEASE AND THANK YOU.”

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