Shailene Woodley Offers Expert Advice On What Losing Your Virginity Should Look Like, Also Good Morning

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Shailene Woodley Offers Expert Advice On What Losing Your Virginity Should Look Like  Also Good Morning Shailene gif

Ah, virginity. Or, as the Duggar girls refer to it, “letting someone else pick flowers from my Jim Bob and Jesus garden”. As most of us are no doubt aware, the act of losing one’s virginity is usually nothing like what you see depicted in books and movies. And, if it was for you, well…that’s cool I guess. But having a funny, awkward story to share with friends and your future kids after one too many glasses of cheap chardonnay is way cooler. It seems Shailene Woodley would agree, because she’s lost her virginity four times now! On screen, I mean. So basically she’s an expert at having her Jesus garden de-flowered (and sprayed with weed repellant). She loses it for the fourth time in her new movie, White Bird in a Blizzard, and surprisingly she’s not jaded about it at all.

May I just say, I love how seriously she takes these performances? It’s not all rose petals and candles (maybe your Jesus garden has them, but mine was littered with empty Zima bottles and was still dressed from the waist-up).

“One of the things I have been very keen on in doing those scenes is that they feel real because, I don’t know about you, but I do not personally think losing your virginity is a fun experience. It’s not glamorous — for some people, I think it is, but it wasn’t for a lot of people on this planet — so for me, it was a matter of, if we’re gonna do a scene that deals with that, it’s not gonna be, ‘Her back arches and she gasps in excitement.’ No, no, it’s gonna be messy and it’s gonna be real.”

Even though she’s obviously not calling anyone out here, I like to think she’s putting down every Nicholas Sparks book/movie ever here, because LET’S GET REAL, GURLS. Real life did not go down like that for 99% of us. She goes on to talk about how a lot of girls feel pressured to have sex for the first time, and not just by the boys they’re with but by other girls at school or friends.

“So when they actually get the deed done, they don’t feel any sort of satisfaction because it wasn’t for themselves. It was for others in a way.”

Wow. Now, I don’t want to put down my own personal experience because at the end of the day, regardless of the Abercrombie sweater I was still wearing, the black light posters that were all over the wall, and how quickly it all happened – it was with a boy I loved at the time, and we genuinely respected each other. But I don’t remember feeling satisfaction afterward, and I feel like I can relate to this statement. I think a lot of women out there can relate to this statement. Snaps to Shailene for broaching this subject.