The 16 Most Sexist Moments in Beloved Children’s Films

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Walt Disney Pictures

When you're a child who hasn't yet had his or her feminist awakening, it's inevitable that you're going to watch your favorite movies without employing a critical eye. You're not going to be fussed about whether there's adequate female representation among the cast. You probably won't notice sexist remarks or plot lines. All childhood-you cared about was having some nice music to sing along to and plenty of bright, exciting colors on the screen. It was a simpler time. Let's be honest, your biggest concern was whether you'd behaved well enough to get dessert that night. You had minimal awareness of important social issues.

However, all of that changes when you revisit your favorite kids' films as an adult. How on earth did so many blatantly sexist moments get into the final cuts of films? Who even thought they were a good idea in the first place? Under a wise, socially-educated gaze, movies like The Little Mermaid and Peter Pan become painfully sexist — not to mention pretty racist, too. Even some pretty unexpected kids' classics contain some super questionable moments… Are you ready to have your childhood ruined?