Video: It May Be Eight Years Overdue, But ‘Sex And The City For Dudes’ Is A Short And Sweet Bit Of Parody

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I know, I know. Sex and the City ended in 2004, and the funny Saturday Night Live skits ended then, too. (Christina Aguilera playing Samantha as a tranvestite? Inspired.) Girls has since filled that slot of must-see TV for the ladies, and drummed up multiple parodies in the four months since it premiered. There's even a spoof called Boys, which we loved. So you're probably wondering why I'm directing you toward “Sex and the City for Dudes,which at first glance might seem like the same joke horribly overdue.

Well, I found this video via Reddit, and thought it was a cute bit of parody. At barely over a minute, it's the video equivalent of a one-liner, but it's a good one. Watch it before we talk about it. Seriously, I'm not gonna say anything til you watch… OK, here we go: GUYS DON'T NEED TO OBSESS ENDLESSLY ABOUT SEX. Come on, it's a funny observation to think that Sex and the City lasted for six years based on that one gender difference. BravoJarret Berenstein.

Also, I love this heated response that one (male!) Redditor named dlan4327 had to Sex and the City itself:

Man I love that. As a guy who gets quite into a lot of shows that are supposed to be for girls, Downtown Abbey, Gilmore Girls etc I hated Sex and the City.

Seriously it had no freaking plot or character development. 4 women constantly fucking. Then it gets branded as female empowerment. You kidding? Women have been fucking since the dawn of time. Show me some them getting promoted & breaking the glass ceiling. Show them reaching compromises in male dominated environments without putting men down & instead working towards mutual respect, THAT is empowerment.

Fucking Sex & the City. It was just porn. Literally just porn for people who didn't want the stigma of browsing Redtube.

See! The vitriol for that show is still strong, so this parody was actually well-timed.