James Franco Crashed Seth Rogen’s SNL Monologue + 4 More Sketches That Made Us Laugh This Week

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Seth Rogen is one of those people that makes you say “I just love that guy!” I mean, sure he hangs out with James Franco but we won't let that detract from his adorable-ness.  I know we all picture him smoking a ton of weed, and he most likely does, but he's also a talented comedic actor who loves his mother-in-law, so what's not to love?

Last night's SNL was pretty entertaining, in my opinion.  After Anna Kendrick‘s enjoyable musical sketches last week and Seth Rogen's enthusiasm this week, I'll actually be sad to say goodbye to the show when it's time for the summer hiatus.  Which was not at all how I felt at the beginning of the season, so…yeah.  Yay!  Without further ado, the top five sketches from last night:

1. Opening Monologue

This monologue encompassed everything one could want from a Seth Rogen monologue: making fun of this Rolf from The Muppets laugh, Zoey Deschanel sticking her tongue out, a T. Swift appearance, and of course making fun of James Franco for hitting on an underage girl via Instagram.  Because Seth Rogen and James Franco can't do anything without the other one.

2. GOP at Coachella

There's just something about hearing “turnt up” and “ratchet” coming from the mouths of Republicans that makes me giggle relentlessly.  I am also a fan of anything that makes fun of Coachella.

3. Monster Pals

This sketch easily could have ventured into “miss” territory, but I honestly think it was a a total hit.  It also seems like James Franco and Mike O'Brien really scared civilians – bonus points.  “I still don't understand why you picked that face-?” “It was…cheaper.”  Awww. It's okay, Mike O'Brien, because you get to go home with Cecily Strong and James resorts to creeping on teenagers.  You win.

4. CNN Pregnancy Test

I was wondering when we'd have a Malaysian flight reference on SNL, and luckily since the search is still (somehow) underway, we finally got one.  “Oscar Pistorius took off his legs in court” shouldn't be funny.  But it is.

5. Steakhouse

This was so ridiculous and I loved it.  Watching “Alan!” put on Aidy Bryant‘s lipstick and get flummoxed over her bosoms gave me more pleasure than it probably should have.   I also used to know a woman from Roanoke once upon a time, and “I just love all the dark wood in here” is totally something she would say (because she was an idiot).  They nailed the specific accent, too, in case that's something anyone but me cares about.

(Photo: NBC)