Pretty Sure Seth Rogen Just Made Out With His Mom On The MTV Movie Awards

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Seth Rogen making out with his mom MTV Movie Awards April 2014Listen, I'm the same as you. I was just watching the MTV Movie Awards, not expecting any incest to happen. But then some did, so now I have to comment on it.

Seth Rogen was presenting the award for Best Kiss with Zac Efron and the world's premier Zac Efron impersonator, Dave Franco. It was a normal award presentation, except that this is the MTV Movie Awards, so they gotta shake things up a little and keep it interesting. And the way they do that in this case is by hiding little cards under random seats in the audience. Little cards that say you have to kiss one of the guys presenting the award. So ideally you're sitting there and you pull the one that says you kiss Zac Efron, and you go kiss him, and then your world is never the same. Because all of a sudden you've kissed Zac Efron and you know what that's like.

So two strangers pulled the cards for Zac and Dave, apparently, because they waved their tickets around and then very awkwardly came up to the stage and presented themselves for kissing. Dave Franco gave his girl a kiss on the cheek and Zac made out passionately with his for a few seconds…but Seth Rogen apparently got his mom? I get that it was a planned thing, because it's hilarious that the two hot guys would get hot girls and that Seth would get his mom, but things got really weird.

Seth picked his mom, and that was fine, but when it came time to kiss her, he like…made out with her. Hard core. I'm really hoping that wasn't his mom, and just some random woman who looked like her. Because for as open-minded as I am, I don't want to watch a dude make out with his mom during an award show. That's just me though, you can do whatever.

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