Watching Seth Rogen And Jimmy Fallon Bake Pot Brownies With Fake Arms Is Even More Hilar Than It Sounds

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I wish I'd worn swiffers today, because after spending 8 minutes rolling on the floor laughing I'm kind of a dirty mess. But I guess that's what happens when you watch Jimmy Fallon and Seth Rogen attempt to make a weed transaction while wearing fake arms on the now classic Late Night with Jimmy Fallon show-within-a-show, Jacob's Patience. If this fake arms concept sounds familiar, it's because you're thinking of the time that Justin Timberlake donned fake arms during JustinTimberWeek. I'll admit that when I saw that they did it again this morning, I groaned. I'm so sick and tired of people taking funny jokes and running them into the ground. (See, um, I don't know, everything on Saturday Night Live.)


But after watching the entire thing, I have to withdraw my groan and issue an apology. Guys, believe it or not, this time around is even funnier than last time. Let me set the scene for you so you can adequately prepare yourself. Seth Rogen sells weed, Jimmy Fallon wants to buy weed. They're both using fake arms throughout the entire sketch. As always, it's the simplest ideas that crack me up the hardest.

In fact it's so funny that I really did literally LOL — and I never literally LOL. I can be cracking up inside my head, but not even showing a glimmer of enjoyment on my face. Don't worry, I know, it's a problem. Several people have expressed their discomfort with my inability to laugh at things I find funny. Why am I telling you all this? To make the point that these clips are really worth watching. Also that I might be a sociopath. But more important than the fact that you're reading the work of an insane person, it's vital that you take approximately 7 minutes out of your morning to watch this.