Seth Rogen And James Franco Recreate The ‘Bound 2’ Video, Have More Chemistry Than Kimye

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Seth Rogen James Franco Bound 2 spoof

Last week the world collectively dry heaved when Kanye West released his new music video for the song “Bound 2” on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. It featured Kanye on a motorcycle looking disinterested while his fiancee Kim Kardashian's impressive boobies blocked his view of the road. It was, in short, ridiculous. Enter Seth Rogen and James Franco, who made a shot-for-shot recreation of the video for your viewing pleasure. Before you even ask, yes Seth Rogen plays Kim Kardashian, and yes it's just as amazing as it sounds.

Seth shared the video, titled ‘Bound 3,' on his Facebook page. He and James apparently made it during down time on the set of their upcoming movie The Interview. As if he didn't already have enough talents on his resume, James can now add “lukewarm Kanye West impression.” And even though Seth's bucket list doesn't seem to be as long as James', he can add “hair-flipping with invisible hair.” Because that's my favorite part of this video.

My other favorite part of the video is how much more electric Seth and James' chemistry is than Kimye's. Sure, James still has a bit of that “I'd rather be making out with my reflection right now” expression that Kanye perfected in the original video, but there's a tenderness there that's undeniable. And look how peaceful Seth looks with his arms draped around James' shoulders.

In related news, I think my crush on James Franco might be growing back after watching this. My crush on Seth Rogen remains where it is, however, since it never went away in the first place. Now excuse me while I watch this on repeat for the rest of the day.

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