Seth Rogen Tells Hilarious Plane Story, Reminds Me Why I Don’t Do Drugs Before Flying

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Seth Rogen LGBT Benefit 2013

“Plane travel is the worst!” said every human being ever invented.

“It can get worse!” said Seth Rogen as he told a hilarious hangover story to Conan O'Brien last night while getting interviewing on Conan. While I don't want to ruin the whole story for you, I'll give you a small preview of what you should expect. Just so you have some idea of what's going to happen in this modern day D.A.R.E PSA.

First we have a hangover. Before you do a deep sigh and think I'm about to tell you about Hangover 3, stop. This is about a real hangover. You know, the kind that don't involve Zach Galifianakis. But do involve you laying on your couch all day moaning softly as Tyra Banks blabbers on in the background during an America's Next Top Model marathon. The kind that make you want to marry saltines and the kind that make you promise yourself that you're never going to drink ever again. Or until the end of this month. Or maybe this week. Or at least until tomorrow.

Next we have drugs. Or at least allusions to drugs. The kind of drugs that you would assume Seth Rogen would do. So not meth. And no, there's no smuggling in this story.

Finally we have fast food. And an order that will make you want to down a bottle of Pepto Bismol just hearing about. It sounds vile. The thought of eating it sober makes me want to wretch. And the thought of eating it hungover makes me want to die. Just die. Why Seth Rogen made the choices he did, I don't know. This whole story makes me want to eat kale and drink water for the rest of my life. And I hate kale.

But I'll let you watch it too, that way you can draw your own conclusions about what happened and what important life lessons we should take from this amazing story.

(Photo: Brian To/WENN.com)