Seth Rogen’s Speech About Alzheimer’s Will Remind You He’s More Than Just A Funny Stoner

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Seth Rogen Alzheimers speech senate February 2014

I really like Seth Rogen. I was kind of surprised when I first discovered that, because, like he says in the speech he gave yesterday at a Senate hearing about Alzheimer's, he's kind of known as a “a lazy, self-involved, generally self-medicating man-child,” at least in movies. And that's not the type of personality I'm drawn to. But I'm drawn to Seth Rogen and his booming laugh and his big heart. As I just mentioned, he gave a speech about Alzheimer's disease yesterday, and if you didn't love him before, you'll love him after you watch it.

Seth's mother-in-law has Alzheimer's, and he and his wife launched Hilarity for Charity to educate people about the disease, which he admits he didn't fully understand before he witnessed it firsthand. Yesterday afternoon Seth appeared on a panel to discuss allocation of funds to Alzheimer's research at a Senate Appropriations subcommittee hearing.

Seth Rogen's funny, so obviously he included a lot of jokes. For instance, he comments that he wanted to show up because he's “a huge House of Cards fan.” He also joked that people might be surprised he was making a speech about something other than marijuana legalization. But his speech isn't a stand-up comedy routine. He gets serious about how heartbreaking it was to watch the effect the disease had his mother-in-law, and the shot of his wife Lauren Miller listening proudly will make your heart grow three sizes. Seth emphasizes that not only is it important to make sure low-income people have a way to handle the disease, but also to just let families affected by Alzheimer's know that they're not alone.

But Seth didn't stop with just the speech. He also took to Twitter to point out that only two senators were present at the hearing, reminding people how important it is to listen up and pay attention to this issue.

It's a nice reminder that some celebrities choose to use their position in the public eye for good. You can watch Seth's speech below.