Not To Be Outdone By Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers Releases His Late Night Promo

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Seth Meyers in Late Night promo video January 2013

Mere hours after Jimmy Fallon ceremoniously vacated the position on Late Night by releasing a(n extremely Jay Leno-heavy) promo for when he takes over The Tonight Show on February 17th, Seth Meyers is sitting his ceremonious little butt down right in that Jimmy-warmed chair with a promo video of his own. (Whew. You catch all that?)

It sounds complicated, but imagine it as a little late show host traffic jam, made up of three people. Jay Leno has a big stupid car that has been hogging the same big stupid parking spot since 2009, and as soon as he finally moves his gas-guzzler, Jimmy can take Jay's spot and Seth can take Jimmy's spot. And the closer we get to February 24th, the more likely it seems like this will actually happen, and that the cities of LA and New York will be relieved of the accursed Leno Gridlock that has burdened them (and Conan O'Brien, may his Tonight Show tenure rest in peace) for so many years.

And as proof, here's Seth Meyers' promo, in which he adorably strolls from the set of Saturday Night Live in Studio 8H, thirty feet down the hallway to Studio 8G…only to find that it's nowhere close to ready. Might want to haggle your dressing room back from Kenan Thompson and make nice with your Weekend Update co-anchor Cecily Strong again, eh Seth? Just think about it, okay? I'm not quite ready for SNL to be absent your charm.

No, but as much as I joke, I think Seth and his dimples will honestly be great at the new desk job. And in case you want proof of that, he also uses this promo to debut his new Twitter handle for the show, which is @LateNightSeth. It hasn't tweeted yet, but over ten thousand followers are already hanging on its every word.

(Photo: YouTube)