It’s Clear From This SNL Tribute To Seth Meyers That The Whole Cast Wants To Marry Him

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SNL Seth Meyers tribute Vanessa Bayer February 2014

Now that Jimmy Fallon is settling in at The Tonight Show, it's time to look ahead to next week, when Seth Meyers will take over Late Night. He already got a fun farewell from his husband Stefon a few weeks ago on his last episode of Saturday Night Live, but now that his new show is inching closer, the cast and writers made a nice little video tribute to him. They thank him for being a great head writer and tell stories about their time with him. It's really sweet, except it goes on for seven and a half minutes, so by the end I was just like, “Ugh, just marry him already!”

You know that thing where you hear enough people saying super positive things about one specific person for long enough and suddenly it starts to sound just a little bit disingenuous and you suspect that the subject of the compliments is standing off camera threatening to poke a voodoo doll with each person's hair on it if they dare say anything negative? I'm not saying that's what went into this video (although maybe that is what happened; we don't know the exact extent of Seth Meyers' voodoo involvement), but there came a point where I just wanted to shout, “Get a room, all of you!”

That said, if you look at each individual compliment on its own without getting overwhelmed by the collection, it's a super-sweet goodbye. It sounds like he's a nice guy and a fun boss. I especially liked Vanessa Bayer's story about Seth wearing her sketch comedy group T-shirt to a table read, as well as Mike O'Brien's story about the time Seth gave a blowjob to a homeless man. That one… might have been made up. Maybe we'll hear more about it when his show premieres next Monday.