8 Things That Prove Seth Meyers Will Be A Good Emmys Host Tonight

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Seth Meyers exaggerating


The 2014 Emmys are on tonight. Yes, on a Monday. NBC just likes to confuse us, I guess. What isn't so confusing, at least in my opinion, is choosing Seth Meyers as this year's host. Maybe it's just that I really like him and think he's been doing a great job hosting Late Night, but I think he'll make a pretty fabulous awards host. Especially when you consider that last year's host was Neil Patrick Harris, and he used the night to prove he needs a break from hosting everything ever. I think Seth will provide an excellent, more subdued but still entertaining change of pace.

In case you need more convincing, I put together some undeniable proof that Seth will be delightful tonight. There are videos, quotes from him about what he's planning, and of course GIFs of him being his adorable self. If you're not convinced by the end of this post, then I just can't help you. P.S. If it turns out that Seth is a total trainwreck, this post was written by an imposter. Jill totally knew he'd suck. Okay, now that we have that cleared up, let's get on to the evidence.

Exhibit A: He got Kanye to laugh at himself.

This is very important, people. Kanye West does not laugh. Especially not at himself. And yet Seth was able to coax a little good humor out of him during their interview earlier this year. And it was at Kanye's expense! If he can get Kanye to accept some jokes about himself, he can certainly do it with a room full of stuck up A-listers.

Exhibit B: He made Lena Dunham tolerable.

I'm telling you guys, Seth Meyers is the celebrity whisperer. I usually wish Lena Dunham came with a mute button, but his interview with her earlier this year was delightful. Maybe his very presence as host will get those stuck-up celebs to just be themselves and let loose. Preferably with some wacky antics we can talk about tomorrow.

Exhibit C: He's friends with Tina and Amy.

All I'm saying is, when people have famous friends sometimes those famous friends show up to their stuff for a surprise. Amy's likely to be there since she's nominated. Not so sure about Tina. But if they are there, might we get some funny bits out of them? Let's face it, I really wish they were the ones hosting, so I'd like to see something from them.

Exhibit D: He's not gonna do any viral gimmicks.

Seth Meyers internet history


Here's what Seth told Variety:

“But um, I think there will be some kind of digital element but we aren’t really approaching it that way. We’ll see what comes up. The nice thing is when events happen now, Twitter makes it digital without you having to do anything.”

Seth isn't Jimmy Kimmel. He's probably not going to play any pranks on us. He's also probably not going to take a selfie that breaks Twitter. And I think that's a good thing. Let's just be chill for one night. Not like “bored out of my mind, when will this end” chill, but the nice kind of chill. I think for a show airing on a Monday, after a lot of people have worked all day, it'll be nice to do things that way.

Exhibit E: He doesn't sing or dance.

Seth Meyers Kate McKinnon Beyonce fan


Here's what Seth told E! Online about whether or not he'll be doing a musical number:

“I can't sing and I can't dance. We can leave that to other people. If you're going to sing or dance at the Emmys, you have to be good at it. It's not something I want to try out on that night.”

Oh thank goodness. Sorry, but I'm getting really tired of every award show and SNL episode having a song-and-dance number. It would be especially exhausting since we just watched the VMAs last night. Let's leave the musical stuff to the music-related shows, mmkay?

Exhibit F: He has a clone for a brother.

Okay, that's great and all. But what does that have to do with the Emmys? Just think about it. If Seth gets stuck backstage in the middle of changing or getting his ear talked off by an annoying celeb, his brother Josh can just pop onstage and nobody will notice. It moves the show along, people! God knows they always go over time.

Exhibit G: He's a comedy writer.

Seth Meyers weekend update


Seth brought his Late Night staff on board to help him concoct the best jokes, and he tells Variety that his sketch show experience has helped:

“The ‘SNL' schedule certainly helps you with this idea that the week leading up to, in this case the Emmys, is when you’re going to get your best work done. We just sat down on Tuesday to do our first joke read and it gave us a sense as far as monologue that we’re a little over halfway there, which is great. We can send people off to write more jokes. But it’s great to be surrounded by people who know how to write jokes under pressure.”

Exhibit H: His face.

Seth Meyers weekend update hands


Just look at him. If you're gonna look at somebody's face for three hours, it might as well be an adorable one.