Seth Meyers And His Clone Brother Could Switch Places In This Interview And No One Would Know

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Seth Meyers Josh Meyers interview August 2014

Guys, we've put this conversation off for far too long. It's time to talk about how much Seth Meyers and his younger brother, actor Josh Meyers, look like each other, and how much that gives me the heebie-jeebies. I mean, I already knew they looked alike, because I've seen both of them, but witnessing them sitting right next to each other on Seth's show, wearing similar suits and similar hairstyles, looking into each other's very similar eyes, is really weirding me out. People who aren't identical twins or clones or a person and a mirror should not look that much alike. They should do my brain a favor and stop that right this instant.

And it's not just their faces that are similar. It's also their voices. If I heard a recording of Josh and was asked to identify who was speaking, I'm 99% sure I'd say it was Seth Meyers. Are they sharing vocal cords are something? Not only that, but they have the same mannerisms. I paused the video at a random spot to take the above screenshot, and I caught them putting their hands in almost exactly the same position. What is this witchcraft?! Was Seth Meyers born twice?!

If these two switched places in this video, with Josh behind the desk pretending to be host, it would probably take me an embarrassing amount of time to realize something was different. If they don't use this to their advantage to star in a remake of The Parent Trap, then they are really wasting this amazing gift. They talk in this very interview about their parents sometimes not getting along so well, so they could even make it a documentary. If they can't give me that, they should at least stand up and do that Marx Brothers mirror gag. Something to make all this fear I'm feeling worth it.