Seth MacFarlane Will Not Host The 2014 Oscars, But He Has An Interesting Suggestion

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Seth MacFarlane Academy Governors Awards February 2013

It looks like you'll have to get your boob songs somewhere else next year, America, because Seth MacFarlane will not be back to host the 2014 Oscars. Last month we heard that the Oscar producers hopped off their rebel motorcycles and asked him back, but now Seth is revealing that he just can't fit it into his schedule. And I don't blame him. Between Ted 2, his new Western, doing the voice of every cartoon character on TV (I might be off by a few) and walking several feet behind Charlize Theron out of a restaurant, Seth has a lot going on at the moment. He's like the opposite of Taylor Swift in that music video.

The good news is that we're hearing this development straight from the Seth's mouth, since he tweeted his decision. It was even a two-parter! Fancy. Here's Part One:

See, it had to have two parts so he could include a dig at the people who didn't enjoy his jokes. Speaking of that, did you watch the latest episode of Family Guy? If not, you missed a great Seth MacFarlane Oscar-hosting gag. That is all.

Part Deux includes an interesting suggestion for who should take his place as host. Because you know all we're going to be able to do in the coming months is speculate about who will get the gig while simultaneously praying to the gods of funny that Amy Poehler and Tina Fey are just as changey-mindy as Seth and will decide to host. But in addition to recommending the job in general, Seth has his own idea for who would be perfect:

It's a joke choice (I hope), since Joaquin Phoenix dissed the Oscars last year, but let's be honest. It would at least be more entertaining than James Franco. But who will host? Empire has a pretty good suggestion in Stephen Colbert, but let's be honest, it'll probably just be Justin Timberlake. Whoever it is, I'm sure Emilia Clarke will date them.