Yes, Seth MacFarlane Actually Humped A Cash Register To Play The Filthy Toy Bear In Ted

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Seth MacFarlane Ted motion capture suit behind the scenes video Mila Kunis Mark WahlbergWould you have ever thought that Seth MacFarlane, Mark Ruffalo, and Andy Serkis would all have something in common? Turns out they've all used motion-capture suits to play memorable CGI characters in recent memory. Mark was of course the Hulk in The Avengers; Andy has portrayed everyone from Gollum to King Kong; and Seth moves from the animated world of Family Guy to bring his pothead, sex-obsessed teddy bear Ted to the big screen this Friday.

So, naturally there's a behind-the-scenes video about Seth getting familiar with what's becoming an increasingly regular way to have flesh-and-blood humans interact with their CG counterparts. You have to give Mark Wahlberg props for believably holding conversations on Boston girls and white trash names with Ted, since this video reveals that Seth wasn't even in the scenes! There'd be a model in the actual scene, with Seth performing his lines in real-time right off-camera in the motion capture suit.

I guess that if he'd been standing there with Mark or Mila Kunis, his size would have been too difficult to adjust for in post-production. But wow, you can tell that Seth is undeniably a presence. And that makes the most sense for his feature film debut, which he also directed: His co-stars say that there was never any question that Seth would play Ted. This way, even though we never see the guy's face, he's still imbued in every frame.

I'm not quite sure how, but this video — and Ted as a whole, which I'll talk more about later in the week — make me really like Seth MacFarlane again.

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