To Celebrate Seth Green’s 38th B-Day, We’d Like To Present A Collection Of His Best ’90s Commercials

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Seth Green Austin Powers


Seth Green turns 38 today! WHOA, how did that happen? That Seth Green, the kid who you’ll perpetually know as the nineties punk teen is 38. He was Scotty Evil. He was the kid with the baggy pants and goggles in Can’t Hardly Wait. He was and will always be Chris Griffin. Nobody does adolescent slacker quite like Seth Green.  And nobody is as befuddlingly cute while doing it. And now that rascal is practically middle-aged. Does this mean he’s too old for us?  Nah… He’ll always be young at heart.

What you may not know is that before he was Seth Green: adolescent slacker, he was just the redheaded kid from the Nerf commercials. Freaking out right now? Oh, it gets better. We found a bunch of golden nuggets (MORE COMMERCIALS!!!) that showcase Green's range in playing the nineties male teen. Enjoy!

Of course Seth Green played a mall rat in a Nerf commercial, guys! He was made for that role. He's short and scrappy and totally looks like that kid in your high school who left for a few months to go to juvenile hall. But who knew he rocked the Kate Gosselin hair? And that he could do a mean Brooklyn accent. Kid's from Philly! Acting is magic…

Seth really wants to tell you about the dream he had last night. No surprise here that things get trip-tastic in classic nineties crayola colors. But in a departure from his usual role as mischevious imp, we see him here as the eager beaver, awkward teen. Before there was Michael Cera, there was Seth Green.

I'm just going to go out on a limb and say that the Kel character in the Goodburger sketches was modeled, most likely, after Seth Green being a stoner drive-thru employee in these ads. Just saying. And on another note, holy Disney Prince hair! But this 1991 commercial for Snapp's burgers was where he become a recognizable entity. The ads ran regionally in the New Orleans area, where he went from “struggling actor” to “the cha-ching kid.” He even had a TV spot on the local news. Please do yourself a favor and watch this.

Happy Birthday, Seth! I'll be thinking of you frozen in teen-hood all day…