All Of Sesame Street’s Hot Guest Stars Are Making Me Feel Feelings I Don’t Want To Associate With Sesame Street

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Perennial children's television favorite Sesame Street has just announced many of its upcoming guest stars, and it's quite the impressive list. In addition to comedy standbys like Jack Black and Maya Rudolph, they've got Jon Hamm, David Beckham, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and several other supremely fuckable men. It's enough to make a girl uncomfortable!

Here's the thing: I grew up watching Sesame Street. In my cache of non-therapy-requiring memories, Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Elmo and the rest of the gang will forever be associated with purity, laughter, and learning the alphabet. What would Elmo think if he knew I wanted to fuck all of his friends?

Make it stop.

Of course, it's entirely possible that there have always been hot guys on Sesame Street and I just didn't notice them, because I didn't want to fuck anyone when I was four. But even handsome-ish guests like Paul Simon and Billy Joel strike me as just a bit less obscenely good-looking than what they've got going on now. And for those of you who like women, they've got Halle Berry and that infamously cleavage-y scene with Katy Perry. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?

I don't think watching smokin' hot people on TV is going to corrupt the children or anything, but it's mildly creepy for me, an adult, to suddenly be associating a treasured memory from my childhood with all sorts of impure thoughts. It just feels wrong. Then again, if they keep shooting photos as priceless as this one, I might become okay with it:

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