16 Self-Love Pop Anthems You Definitely Need On Your Gym Playlist

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You know what's more fun than going to the gym? Just about everything. Most of us would much rather be eating donuts and spending as much time away from those ellipticals as possible. Plus, trips to the gym are often inspired by less-than-fun things. Maybe your mom made a snide remark about your arms over brunch or you struggled to shimmy into that sun dress from last year. In any case, that doesn't feel good! Going into any venture feeling down about yourself is a recipe for disaster (or at the very least, a recipe for scowling at yourself in all those gym mirrors that should be illegal). But take it from someone who loathes working out: A good gym playlist can make all the difference.

You know why? Because you're a badass. You're gorgeous, you're powerful, and you're killing it at life. You just need someone to remind you of that sometimes! Fortunately, pop music exists and it's full of anthems that you can whip out whenever you need someone to tell you how great you are. Consider these 16 songs your gym playlist starter kit.