Selena Gomez Is Feuding With The Jenners Already, And It’s All Justin Bieber’s Fault

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Selena Gomez Kylie Jenner roses Instagram April 2014

Selena Gomez is apparently feuding with Kendall and Kylie Jenner, and I've never truly understood the phrase ‘trouble in paradise' until now.

As you may recall, the friendship between Selena and the Jenners (which, P.S., is officially the name of any doo-wop group I might ever create) sprang up out of nowhere, and was suddenly full grown, with the three of them spending their days their days idyllically traipsing about Coachella together, listening to music and basking in the sun like lizards. As long as those lizards are also extremely wealthy and partials to jean cut-offs, flower crowns, and complicated tribal jewelry. Pretty sure I'm describing a lit'ral paradise.

At least according to the photos on Instagram…which also happens to be the site of their falling-out. It's not clear why, but Selena seems to have unfollowed not one but both Jenner girls. ESCANDALO. Even though they just spent the first weekend of Coachella together, Selena has been very busy removing any and all proof of that from social media. In addition to the dreaded unfollow, she's also full-on deleted photos that she'd previously taken with them. As if she's not a famous person and they don't still exist all over the internet. (Like at the top of this post, for example!)

Selena refused to return my repeated telepathic inquiries as to who what where when why this is happening, but Mail Online says they have a source claiming that it has something to do with Justin Bieber. Because of course it does.

According to them, the Jenner girls likely ‘spent time' with Justin during his surprise appearance at Coachella. And even though he was dressed like an aging boxcar child for it, Selena is still pissed, and all the internet shall feel her wrath. Leave it to Bieber, y'know? Making frenemies since 1994.

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