Selena Gomez Apparently Isn’t Ready To Make Up With Taylor Swift, Which Is Actually Really Disappointing

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Selena Gomez Taylor Swift award show dancing

Even if you're a Taylor Swift hater, it's hard to feel smug about Selena Gomez allegedly breaking up with her. It's tempting, no lie, but it's ultimately really hard. After reading the newest reports about Selena apparently not wanting to be friends with Taylor even though Taylor's trying to be a part of her life, I find myself surprisingly disappointed. Why can't these crazy kids work things out?

Selena unfollowed Taylor (and everyone else) on Instagram earlier this month, and she supposedly wanted to get rid of “negative influences” in her life. According to an obviously very reliable anonymous source, Taylor wants to make up with Selena, but Selena's not having it:

“Taylor has reached out to Selena a couple of times, but Selena isn't ready to be friends with her again. When Taylor heard she was going through a tough time, and stopped following all her friends on Instagram, she called her and emailed her, but Selena is not in the mood.”

Taylor and Selena are thought to have feuded over Selena's troubling reunion with her ex-boyfriend/current demon Justin Bieber. Taylor's made it abundantly clear that she disapproves of Bieber. She hasn't always been the most mature about it, but I have to give her credit for her taste. Basically anyone who dislikes Justin Bieber has good taste in my book. I used to want Selena to part ways with both Bieber and Taylor, but nowadays I'm thinking a friendship with Taylor, while it comes with some annoying award show dancing, wouldn't be a bad thing.

Something not very good seems to be happening with Selena lately. Between her rehab stay, her reunions with Bieber, firing her parents, posting angsty and/or half-naked Instagram photos, and hanging out with questionable people, things are looking pretty worrying. If the reports are true and Taylor really is “truly concerned,” she seems to be one of Selena's best options at this time in her life. She's certainly better than either Bieber or the Jenner girls. And she bakes things, which is nice.

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