Selena And Taylor FaceTime With Demi, Somehow Manage Not To Break The Internet

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Selena Gomez Taylor Swift Demi Lovato facetime 2

Attention, this is not a drill. This weekend Taylor Swift hung out with two fifteenths of her best friend collection. And not just any two fifteenths, but arguably the most famous two fifteenths. Those two fifteenths were of course her eternal bestie Selena Gomez and her occasional bestie (and fellow Joe Jonas ex) Demi Lovato. Did I just use the phrase “two fifteenths” about four times more than I thought I would today? You betcha. Am I shocked we made it to Monday without the Internet breaking down from this news? You betcha even more.

Demi and Selena both shared screencaps of their FaceTime conversation on Twitter and Instagram respectively, saying the get-together happened on Saturday night. Demi said, “THESE are my favorites!!! Haha #saturdaynightfacetimeparty.” Selena captioned her photo, below, with: “Just a Saturday night. Taylor's tea, Demi's laugh. Honestly, can't complain.” I find it interesting that Selena values Taylor's tea but Demi's laugh. Go forth and overanalyze that to your heart's content, my friends.

Selena Gomez Taylor Swift Demi Lovato facetime

What do you think these guys talked about during their little chat? Based on the second photo, it looks like Taylor has just made a clever joke that Selena and Demi find very amusing. Perhaps she told a silly story about how Meredith thinks Jack and Rose were wrong for each other in Titanic, even though she should know after watching it on a loop for three straight days how much they belong together.

Or maybe they spent the entire time asking each other about various happenings in their lives. Like how you catch up with a friend by saying, “Oh, I saw on Facebook that you got the box set of Ally McBeal for Christmas! Tell me all the details.” But in this case it's more like, “Hey, I saw on Crushable that you got into a food fight with Austin Mahone! What's that all about? Also that site is so funny, you should check it out.” Yep, I bet that's exactly what they talked about.

(Photos: Twitter/Instagram)