We Need To Stick Together To Get Through The Breakup Of Taylor Swift And Selena Gomez

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Taylor Swift Selena Gomez Singing AudienceSelena Gomez and Taylor Swift aren't BFFs anymore and I know this because Selena unfollowed Taylor on Instagram yesterday. Take a moment to process this tragedy and remember to secure your mask before trying to assist others. Everything will be okay, provided that we can make it through the storm with our emotions intact. And the only way that we can do that is by dabbing the tears of and being a shoulder to lean on for our fellow pop culture addicts.

So far, I know two things to be (probably) true. The first is that Selena's friendship —or at least InstaBFFship™— with Taylor is donezo. I'm practically weeping over the thought that there may be no more tea-with-Demi Facetime photos for me to live vicariously through. And the second thing is that Selena is now officially the proud owner of the most boring Instagram feed of all time. Now that she's unfollowed Taylor and Kendall and Kylie Jenner, the lady follows exactly zero people! No one knows why in the world Selena is dropping everyone close to her like they're: 1) a bad habit, 2) flies, or 3) hot. But I feel inclined to blame Justin Bieber out of habit. Him, or her new adopted momager, Kris Jenner. But whoever is to blame, this all just makes me more wary of the downward spiral that could be juuust on the horizon for her.

I'm just going to come right out and say that this one is Selena's loss. If you're missing the daily arts and crafts, culinary adventures, and Meredith the Cat cameos that happen on Taylor's Instagram, you are truly missing out on happiness. That's right, I'm taking Taylor's side in this breakup, so Selena should expect me over at her place any day now to help gather Taylor's Ex Boyfriend Burn Book and old guitars. Have fun looking at your own selfies on your newsfeed, Selena, and have fun NOT getting the most badass bridal shower presents ever when you inevitably marry Bieber.

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