Selena Says Taylor Is Good For Her And We’re Like Sorry About My Arm Shut The F Up

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While we're still working with Scooter Braun's voicemail to set up an intervention for Justin Bieber's pants, we're now thinking it might be time to schedule one for Selena Gomez too. Despite the fact that Taylor Swift stole her spotlight by saying “shut the fuck up” to her right before she won her first moonman, she still went on the record this week with Hollywood Life and said that Taylor's friendship is good for her. Look, we can fight all day long about Taylor Swift's merits as a musical artist. But we can all agree that she's a horrible friend. (Save your time looking it up and send any hate mail to Jenni@crushable.com).

Why? She makes everything, and I do mean everything, about herself. Take the time her BFF Selena Gomez got nominated for her first VMA award and she chose to say “shut the fuck up” to her ex-not-really-a-boyfriend Harry Styles instead of just holding Selena's hand and saying “good luck.” Or how about the time at the very same VMA Awards that she forced Selena to wear the same color dress and lipstick as her. Okay, fine, we don't know that for a fact. But facts are for babies. Allegations are for adults.

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Need another reason why Selena needs to defriend Taylor stat? Okay. How about the time she tried to stand in the way of true love and stuck her tongue out at Selena kissing her boyfriend Justin Bieber. Yeah, we are all grossed out by that fakelationship, but Taylor's supposed to be her best gal pal. And it looks like the criticism of her behavior on that night still wasn't enough to get her to stop trash talking her best friend's boyfriend. Later that week she made a trolling statement about the very incident that was designed to get headlines — and not designed to shut the whole controversy down. Then — oh yeah, you bet we have a then — she made Selena choose between Jelena and Taylena. She's all like “giirrrll, you do you, but if you do you like you've been doing you, that homemade jam train's going to start skipping your stop.”

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And while she might miss that sweet, sweet homemade jam, Selena's got to get off this crazy train. She's a star on the rise, while Taylor Swift's on her slow descent down. Sure she still has tons of fans, but even they're starting to realize that she manufactures drama for the sake of her songs. (Why her publicity team chose Harry Styles as her 2013 Target Du Jour will forever remain a mystery to me — overlapping fanbases whaatttt!?) The country music world abandoned her big time this year and I predict next year will the year when the pop world puts her by the wayside. There will always be swifties, but there won't be as many willing to run to their idol's defense.

Earlier this year we started to see signs that Taylor's behavior's already starting to rub off on Selena and I fear that she doesn't have much longer before she starts Kanye-Westing her own acceptance speeches by pointing out that her songs are about her very famous ex. Truth be told, Selena's nowhere near as talented as her peers Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande and if she wants to stay in the spotlight for any length of time, she's got to drop Taylor and pick up a new bestie. At least when she's out and about at highly-photographed events. Maybe, and this is just a maybe, she can sit next to someone else at the next awards show.