Let’s Analyze The Meaning Behind Selena Gomez’s Mysterious New Tattoo

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Selena Gomez new tattoo meaning LXXVI 76 Justin Bieber

Over the weekend, Selena Gomez added to her growing collection of ink by getting a new tattoo from New York-based artist Bang Bang. (He must've come highly recommended, as he had recently worked on Selena's Spring Breakers co-star Vanessa Hudgens; plus he's the one responsible for her boyfriend Justin Bieber‘s “Believe” tattoo.) “Selena was nervous it might have been painful, so she held her best friend's hand the whole time,” Bang Bang told The Daily Mail. “But she did a great job.”

He also posted the photo you see above—Selena admiring the freshly-inked Roman numeral LXXVI, or 76. So what could that mean? It's obviously not a reference to Biebs, since they're both '90s babies. She doesn't have quite that many singles yet, and Selena's not the type to go for some arbitrary number like Twitter followers (which, by the way, is over 12 million).

The only hint we have is what Bang Bang told The Daily Mail: “The tattoo was a tribute to a family member who she said means a lot to her.” In the past she's honored her mother Mandy Teefey — especially when she miscarried Selena's half-sister last year — with whom she's really close. And as it turns out, Mandy was born on April 16, 1976!

It's really great to see members of young Hollywood who haven't been ruined by their mothers, and actually give them meaningful tributes. Because the best that Lindsay Lohan can come up with is that twitpic where she pointed out that she and mom Dina both looked the same—bleached blonde and too wasted to do anything but continue partying. We prefer this kind of mother-daughter bonding.

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Photo: Bang Bang's Facebook