Selena Gomez Mends Her Broken Heart By Performing Other People’s Breakup Songs

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8th Annual UNICEF Snowflake Ball

Selena Gomez did what any heartbroken girl would do last night: she covered two of her favorite breakup songs for a concert of adoring fans at the UNICEF concert in New York.

Okay so maybe the rest of us have to settle for blasting our CD’s iTunes in our rooms as we proudly refuse to come down for Sunday family dinner because we are too busy grieving (only to sneak down for leftovers a few hours later when no one is looking).

Selena took it a step further by actually performing these songs to make her feel better about her breakup with Justin Bieber. However, I appreciate her sticking close to the female tradition by wearing her favorite nightgown and a weird hairdo as she belted Justin Timberlake and Taylor Swift.

I was pleasantly surprised by her rendition of JT’s “Cry Me A River.” It was throaty and pretty and she sounded good. The audience seemed less than overwhelmed by this song. I blame that on the fact that it came out in 2002 when most of Selena’s fans were actually crying a river because it was the only way they could communicate to their mothers that they needed a diaper change. Be that as it may, I commend Selena on her singing chops on this one.

On the other hand…

Selena’s rendition of Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble”… left me wanting. This cover sounded more like the crying-and-singing-in-the-shower type to me. She didn't sound particularly good. Which is fine. Maybe this one was just for her. She was signed up to do a concert, so she couldn't experiment with crimping her bangs while singing in the bathroom mirror by herself. So she took it to the stage. That's fine. Do what you need to, girl.

I'm glad that Selena is finding a way to heal, even if it is publicly and at a concert meant to raise money and awareness for children with bigger problems than a broken heart.

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