Selena Gomez Will Rue The Day She Went Outside Without Make-Up

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Selena Gomez BeautifulDid burgeoning star Selena Gomez sabotage her own career by daring to step outside without make-up this weekend? Many people are saying yes as photos of the young celebrity looking normal begin to surface online. Not only did she choose to go outside make-up free, but she also opted to wear prescription glasses and ill-fitting clothes.  In fact the clothes are so ill-fitting that many publicists are coming forward to call this “one of the greatest disasters in recent history,” “a scandal of epic proportions,” and the most damning perhaps, “this horrifying outing from her friend's house to her own car makes Manti Te'o's entire relationship with Lennay Kekua look legitimate.”

Noted trendsetters at The Daily Mail discussed her decision in an article appropriately  titled, “Make-up free Selena Gomez makes a spectacle of herself as she shleps around in Ugg boots and baggy orange hoodie.” Yes a spectacle indeed. As we discussed recently in respect to Mila Kunis' complete disregard for looking perfect at all times, celebrities seem to be growing too comfortable in the spotlight. Too willing to step outside without taking the proper precautions.

While Mila Kunis may be a lost cause at her age, there's still hope for Selena Gomez to learn from this tragic mistake and undue the damage she's done. Step one would of course be to apologize to the country, preferably on a syndicated talk show. Step two would be to show remorse by volunteering at a Sephora or another similar franchise that promotes beauty. Step three would be to start a for-profit foundation or a summer camp that ensures young girls understand that style always, always comes before comfort. Sure those sweats may feel good now, especially early in the morning when you're just running to the car. But they certainly don't look good. Not now, not ever. What's that saying? A minute on the hips, forever on the tabloids' lips.

While this three-step program doesn't guarantee that we'll forgive her for her mistake, it certainly makes it possible that we'll come closer to liking her again. Until then though we'll forever be haunted by the memory of her wearing prescription glasses outdoors — as if she lives in a world where contacts don't exist. Celebrities, sometimes they just disgust me.

(Photo: FayesVision/WENN.com)