Selena Gomez Performed On Today To A Bunch Of Teens With Cell Phones

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Selena Gomez Performed on Today to a Bunch of Teens with Cell Phones selena texting gif

Selena Gomez is everywhere these days promoting her new album Revival and that included a stop to TODAY to perform a few of her new songs and some oldies.

During her first song, Good For You, there’s one tween fan that’s giving me life in the beginning. It’s presumed that to be close enough that Selena is standing six inches from you, that you and your poor mom had to be on the train from New Jersey like, reeeally early in the morning, so you’d think she’d be engaged and excited in the moment. But nah, this girl whips out her phone and starts texting instead.

This is 2015, you guys. If it were me, back in the day, seeing my teen idol standing right next to me, I’d probably start bawling and having a panic attack of happiness and glee (moment of truth: this would still happen and I’m almost 26), but no — whatever’s on the phone is clearly more important.

Also, it’s a good thing Selena Gomez is so cute, because girl can’t sing. I give her props for singing live (which really is a sad state of affairs if we’re even giving pop stars credit for.. you know, singing.. which actually is their job), but even with a backing track, it’s really bad. I had flashbacks to her 2013 MTV Movie Awards performance where I cringed the *entire* way through.

(GIF: PopCrush)