If You Like Examining Selena Gomez’s Butt At Length, You’ll Love Her New Tattoo

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Selena Gomez high braid at David Letterman October 2013If you were looking for a reason to spend long, awkward moments staring at an absurdly close-up picture of Selena Gomez, boy do I have good news for you! Selena apparently got a new tattoo on her right hip that could be glimpsed when she wore a bikini while vacationing in Florida recently, BUT WE COULDN'T SEE WHAT IT WAS.

I know, tragedy. And it's a for sure thing, because The Daily Mail zoomed in real close, close enough that Selena's right butt cheek was taking up my entire screen and making things really awkward for anyone walking behind me and wondering what I'm doing with my life at 4:00pm on a work day. It looks to be some sort of cursive text, and if celebrities and their bodies have taught me anything, it's probably something pseudo-deep in Latin like, “We came, we sang, we conquered” or something. Or if we're really unlucky, it might even be misspelled, but I think we all learned our lesson when Hayden Panettiere did that back in the day.

Interestingly enough, this is actually Selena's third tattoo, as previously she's gotten a tiny musical note on her wrist and the Roman numerals for seventy-six on her neck to correspond with the year her mom was born. And she can get as much ink as she wants, but she'll never be anybody but a former Disney star standing there in her little goody-two-shoes trying to convince us that she's a bad-ass. No matter how many times she tries to convince us that she used to date noted ink-shirt designer Justin Bieber.

But I could be wrong! I have my best team of crack investigators (myself) on this, so if it turns out that the writing on her butt translates to ‘bite me, bloggers', then I owe all of you an apology. Also I probably owe myself a tattoo that says ‘bite me' in Latin, because the more I think about that, the more I love it.

(Image: HRC / WENN.com)