Selena Gomez Went To Nepal To Escape The Media… So Obviously She Did An Interview While She Was There

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Selena Gomez Nepal beach yellow bikini May 2014

Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you're a celebrity who wants to escape the media, the best thing to do would probably be to escape the media, right? And since interviews are usually very related to the media, it's probably a good idea to avoid those. But apparently nobody told Selena Gomez that, since she traveled all the way to Nepal to get away from the American media… only to give an interview to a Nepalese journalist… which has been picked up by the American media. So looks like that plan backfired.

Selena went to the country for a mission as a UNICEF goodwill ambassador, but she also apparently saw the opportunity to escape the Hollywood media scrutiny. According to Hollywood Life, Selena sat down to talk to journalist Bisnu Sharma, who shared the interview on his blog. Here's what Selena reportedly said her reasons were for going to Nepal: “I am in Nepal to escape from American media. I wanted mental peace.” I don't want to say celebrities giving interviews to the media about not liking the media is my favorite thing… but it's my favorite thing. It's even more fun than watching them quite Twitter only to return a day later as if nothing happened.

Of course Hollywood Life speculates that this “mental peace” Selena was seeking had something to do with Justin Bieber, because nothing messes with mental peace quite like those diaper pants. And also I don't think it's possible for a Selena Gomez story to be reported on without it having something to do with Bieber. Based on the photos Selena posted on social media from her Nepal visit, like the one above of her lounging in the surf in a yellow bikini, things have been pretty mentally peaceful. You know, despite the fact that she's posing those photos on the Internet for the American media to grab onto and scrutinize. I know how much she's trying to escape that.

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