Selena Gomez Put A Naked Photo On Instagram, Officially Needs To Get It Together

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Selena Gomez shrugging and making weird face in radio interview GIF

Okay guys, c'mon. What's up with Selena Gomez and what can we do to help? Because the way it looks now, she's going down the very same path that Justin Bieber did, and her most recent stop on the Hot Mess Expressway was at Naked Photo Junction.

It's one thing to get nude or compromising photos of yourself leaked, and I don't wish that on anyone, celebrity or otherwise. But it's another one altogether to be the one posting the scandalous picture yourself, which is what Selena did last night on her personal Instagram.

She put up what seems to be a picture of herself naked, jumping in front of a window, screened only by the verrrrry thin curtain covering it, and her. It's possible that she's wearing something under there, like maybe Spanx or something, but I'm honestly seeing zero clothing lines, and like I said it's a really sheer curtain. Check it out for yourself.

See what I mean? Whether Selena is naked in the picture or not, she definitely wants to give the illusion that she is, and that's some tricky territory, because it suggests she's craving attention. It's the beginning of acting out, in a way, and it's particularly worrisome in a year when she's already canceled a few tour dates to go to and check out early from rehab, gotten back together and broken up several times with a toxic ex-boyfriend, and reportedly alienated her former best friend, Taylor Swift.

On it's own it probably wouldn't worry me as much, but watching celebrities like Amanda Bynes and Lady Gaga go off the rails lately has made me really sensitive to the beginnings of a downward spiral. So yeah. Let's all just be aware…and try to keep the naked pics limited to sites where you don't have seven million followers. Just a thought.

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